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Zach Hertzman: Cape Town Kid ft. Corner Store
From his latest trip to Cape Town, this series by Zach Hertzman explores the relationship between old and new.

This story was shot while travelling through Cape Town, South Africa. I became fascinated with the unique style of the city, the contrast between old and new, and the huge fashion and film industry flourishing there. I wanted to shoot a piece that captured the sense of what this felt like to me.

I collaborated with local stylist Serraj Semaar. We sourced all the clothing from a local street wear hub called Corner Store — a concept store and creative platform locals collaborate with and use as a platform for self expression. The styling was inspired by everyday African street wear looks; very minimalist and clean. We matched the clean lines and neutral tones with the architecture around us.

The models are Dennis Yeboah and Fadiel Esack.

Zach Hertzman