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Welcome to the Visual Disco: Steph Verschuren
Pulpy, vibrant, and never the same, these 35mm photos will transport you to a whole new world.

Steph Verschuren is a Canadian photographer whose style is hard to miss. Grainy, vibrant, and seductive, his creative identity is self-classified as “Visual Disco” (and for good reason).

Despite “breaking cameras religiously”, you’d never see it in his work. Working primarily in film, what you see is what you get from Steph — whether it’s a close up of a g-string or an impromptu photo shoot on the beach. We dig it.

Here, Steph shares some of his favourite captured moments: 

“If you’re ever bored, there’s pretty much non stop trap music at Scooters in Mississauga that makes for a good time.”

“Went on a little psychedelic trip beyond the hills last year and Jelena’s face started melting off. ”

“Went apple picking and found this.”

“A moment after this photo was taken Nola told me there was two UFOs flying over us. I’ll never forget it I looked up and saw two saucers soaring by. They were unusually low for an aircraft, there were no lights coming off of them, and they were moving in perfect unison without a sound. ”

“For all my sad girls.”

Agencies wouldn’t pay me so I stopped trying to impress them, kept hanging out with their models, and did my own thing with the photos.

“Jimmy let Ashley and I crash his place for the day and we played with gravity.”

“This was part of a recent interview I did for Wonderland Magazine. Devon can beat anyone in a staring contest.”


“I was fortunate enough to shoot a coffee table book when I was living in LA. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done financially, however it pushed me to get the ball rolling with photography. Here’s a scan from the book.”

“And I’ll end with these pictures of Gaby’s face. Thanks for reading.”

Steph Verschuren