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Alex Strohl shares his photographic inspiration
The adventure photographer joined us for our inaugural episode of THE INFLUENCE

Adventure photographer Alex Strohl joined us in the Canon Creator Lab to share his photographic influences in the first episode of our new photography series, THE INFLUENCE.

Alex Strohl’s photography has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes & Vanity Fair and his client lists includes dozens of household names.

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To learn more about Alex Strohl or to enroll in his Adventure Photography workshop, click here.

Alex Strohl
Tristan CM
Director & Cinematographer
Neha Sharma
Supervising Producer
Travis Richel
Gareth Probert
Camera OP
Joshua Din
Camera Assistant & Editor
Helen Nguyen
Camera Assistant & Editor
Marco Furgiuele
Sound Recordist
Dylan Mitro
Production Assistant
Sound Design
Jingle Punks