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The Creator Class Exhibits: “Alternate Self”
We all selfie, but there's a strong disconnect between most professional photographers and their own image.

TORONTO — Photographers are rarely photographed. Some choose to hide their identities behind the lens, while others involve themselves entirely in their own compositions. For our latest exhibit, “Alternate Self“, curated by Montreal’s Scott Pilgrim, seven photographers were chosen to step outside of their comfort zones to incorporate their own concepts and approach to how they interpret themselves in the creation of their alternative self-portrait.

Toronto-based artist, Luis Mora, was in attendance. His black-and-white self-portrait displayed a beautiful young family, taken in the backyard of their Parkdale home.

“I can see myself in any subject that I shoot. I can find a little connection or a huge similarity. From a father, a creative, an influencer, son, boyfriend, a citizen. It helps me to see everyone as the same. I want to spread that, seeing and showing people no matter their background, sexuality, or way of life.” –
Luis Mora

Playing on the alternative self-portrait approach, guests could participate in taking their own self-portraits in our Canon Creator Lab and take home a print of their own. Some used themselves, others used props, and one used a pet dog. The night was open to interpretation and each portrait told a story.

A major shout out to the seven creators in participation:

  • Oumayma Tanfous
  • Paul Labonté
  • Luis Mora
  • Melissa Gamache
  • Richmond Lam
  • Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev
  • James W. Mataitis Bailey (Yimmyayo)

For those who weren’t able to attend our August 31st exhibit, we are holding gallery hours at Free (68 Claremont St., Third floor) from Tuesday, September 5 – Friday, September 8, 11am – 2pm.