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Testing Ground ft. Amirul Akeem
The fine art of capturing urban landscapes.

At 22 years old Amirul Akeem is a quick study when it comes to photography. His recent project? Expanding his repertoire from portraiture to cityscapes.

What camera did you shoot on?

Canon 6D.

What inspired this particular project?

I’m inspired by @jkrnn and @tobishinobi’s urban work.

Are you purely a photographer or do you have other creative pursuits?

Im not purely a photographer, but learned it via my passion for exploring.

How does your gear help you be a better photographer?

Many photographers makes a living off their work have the best cameras, lenses, and gear, but many forget the qualities that matter when it comes to shooting beautiful images. We need to be explorers and use photography to fuel that constant drive to discover and capture.

If you could go anywhere to shoot where would it be and why?

New York. I would like to explore more urban photography. The second place that I’m eager to explore is India because of the culture.

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Amirul Akeem