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The best way to enjoy the Serengeti of the North? Don’t go.
Sometimes the best things in life are left unseen and untouched — just ask photographer Taylor Michael Burk.

Taylor Michael Burk is a travel and landscape photographer based in Vancouver, Canada — and just one look at his Instagram feed is enough to induce serious FOMO.

Whether it’s camping out in a Vietnamese treehouse, or taking in mountain views only few have experienced, Taylor’s message rings clear throughout his photos: our planet is awesome and special. 


In the fall of 2016, I spent some time exploring remote sections of the vast Muskwa-Kechika region via horse, canoe, float plane and foot. Our guide for the trip was Wayne Sawchuk, a man who knows this land in and out and played a key role in protecting this unique area.

The MK is located in North East British Columbia and encompasses 6.4 million hectares (16 million acres) of land with varying levels of conservation, preservation and land use practices. It contains 50 undeveloped watersheds, and has been deemed the “Serengeti of the North” for its abundance and diversity of wildlife. For the most part, the mountains, lakes, valleys, and passes are all nameless.

Over centuries, the few humans who have had the privilege to witness this remote area have lived harmoniously with it successfully, without the need to conquer or develop. Strict guidelines and rules have been put in place so that opposing forces can co-exist here, the Rockies largest wilderness region.

Let’s make conscious decisions to keep the wild, wild.

Taylor Michael Burk


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Taylor Michael Burk