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Self-exploration is what this abstract portrait series is all about
Photographers Mauricio Corridan and Olja Ryzevski blend photo and fine art in their latest collaboration.

It’s hard to ignore the work of photographer Mauricio Corridan. With strong minimalism and soft hues finding their way into most of his photos, you might not see it at first — but there it is: abstract portraits, quirky still lifes, and perfectly staged moments.

Mauricio F. Corridan was born in Ireland, but raised in Tenerife, Spain. His dual nationality and the blend of cultures that came with it is probably what sparked his love of travel, which led him to Berlin after completing a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Pursuing instead a career as a full-time photographer, he and his partner Olja Ryzevski aren’t strangers to working together to create something beautiful. 


“This series is about self exploration and human behaviour, depicted in a surreal world where emotions are in conflict with each other, continuously searching for balance.

I’m a very sensitive and passionate person, and photography allows me to channel my feelings to find some sort of balance within myself. There’s something incredible about being able to create a story just by arranging a person and certain elements in a surrounding. The possibilities are just endless.

I usually only work with available light; I just like that natural feeling and the mood you can create with it. I like to keep things simple.”

– Mauricio Corridan

Mauricio Corridan