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Red Bull x The Creator Class photo assignment
Congratulations to @CrookedAbstract on winning the latest @RedBullPhotography x @TheCreatorClass photo assignment.

Red Bull and The Creator Class are empowering athletes and creators from across North America with the opportunity to engage in a photo assignment celebrating pre-game sports rituals.

We all have our thing, our superstitious must-do, almost religious act that sets us up for success. It’s an itch, the constant reminder in your head that if you just do this thing, just follow that tradition, you will be unstoppable. Its power is undeniable—our pre-game rituals are personal pleasures that we define for ourselves, unapologetically believe in, and take comfort in repeating time and time again. It could be how we prepare our kit, dress methodically, put faith into a precious item, kiss a tattoo, listen to a song on a repeat, get amped before a big game, or find that perfect moment of calm to visualize a routine, trick, or play.

Congratulations to @CrookedAbstract on winning the latest @RedBullPhotography x @TheCreatorClass photo assignment on capturing #RitualsInSport. Thank you to those who participated. More to come!