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Progressive Nightlife as a Catalyst for Global Change
A panel discussion featuring Mykki Blanco, Bambii, Cindy Li & Winnie Luk

Across Canada and the world, a new nightlife movement is burgeoning – one focused on diversity, inclusivity, and freedom of expression for all. As part of a larger national program intended to amplify and celebrate the key communities in this movement, Absolut and its community partners organized a panel discussion and will highlight many of the key voices using nightlife and creativity to instigate a more open world, and the causes they support by doing so.

The discussion and panel was led and moderated by NOW Magazine’s Michelle da Silva, and featured panelists NYC rapper Mykki Blanco; DJ and social progress advocate Bambii; producer, activist and event promoter Cindy Li (Ciel / Work In Progress); and Winnie Luk, Managing Director of Rainbow Railroad.

Nightlife has always been an important creative platform; the dance floor should always represent a safe place for people to be who they are and express the fullest, most unabashedly honest version of themselves, whoever that may be.

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