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A multi-disciplinary project inspired by the intersection between fashion and photography. Short film, panel discussion, and exhibition for The Creator Class, presented by Canon Creator Lab.

Fashion photographers Othello Grey and Neva Wireko were invited to shoot alongside Fabien throughout the project. From BTS on-set shots, to event coverage, to intimate portraits with Virgil and Abloh, these images explore the role of the photographer within the fashion industry, and the creation of culture as a whole.

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Acclaimed streetwear designer Virgil Abloh is best known as the visionary behind the high fashion clothing and furniture collection Off-White. For this collaboration, Virgil will come together with close personal friend and frequent collaborator Fabien Montique to share his thoughts on the intersection between fashion and photography.

Paris-based creative, photographer, and filmmaker Fabien Montique has worked with the likes of Big Sean, Pusha T, Zayn Malik, and Kanye West for his 2012 fashion documentary. Since that time, he has collaborated with Kanye’s DONDA and G.O.O.D Music on a variety of projects. Fabien will be driving the directorial vision of “On Fashion And Images”, through the art installation as well as the film itself.

Othello Grey’s passion for photography stems from a continual need to have moments of his past at my disposal. Directed by energy and feeling, his striking style has prompted an impressive list of collabs and features. A frequent TCC collaborator, Othello will be equipped with a Canon EOS 5D MKIV to capture Virgil and Fabien’s collaboration at Free Space.

Drawing inspiration from visual arts, film, and the like, Neva Wireko is a photographer blurring the lines between art and fashion — and making moves in the creative world in the process. A frequent TCC collaborator, Neva will be equipped with a Canon EOS 5D MKIV to capture Virgil and Fabien’s collaboration at Free Space.

New York-based Chris Black is founder of the consulting firm and publishing company Done to Death Projects as well as the well-read inspiration board Words for Young Men. His book I Know You Think You Know It All, is a quasi-etiquette guide for people "who refuse to admit what they don't know." Chris will join us as moderator for a private panel discussion between Virgil and Fabien.

Trevor Wheatley and Cosmo Dean are best known for their sculptural installations that recontextualize popular language. Dime, snitch, I feel you, and bless are examples of expressions turned into art in the form of life-size 3D lettering placed in rural landscapes. Their recent work has focused on both remote and public installations, taking viewers deep into the woods, over waterfalls, down the side of interstates, and beside the main stage at The WayHome Festival this past summer.