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Montreal e(s)t moi: TCC x Saintwoods x Canon Canada
On June 9, we hosted our first photo exhibit east of Toronto. Take a look.

“They say that we’re a product of our surroundings. We all have relationships with our city that help to define us as citizens and as creators. This project highlights each artist’s personal relationship with their city. Landscapes, portraits, still life, abstract; their most personal reflections on the place they choose to call home.”

Partnered with Canon Canada and curated by Saintwoods, The Creator Class hosted its first photo exhibit in Montreal on June 9, 2017 featuring the work of Celia Spenard-Ko, Kane Ocean, Koku Awuye, Richmond Lam, Rupert Lamontage and Trontell Jordan.

Each guest also received a take-home print powered by the Canon Creator Lab (we mobile!).

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