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Luis Mora on his photo project Say It With Flowers and reconnecting with home in Paloquemao

While photographer Luis Mora has built a career capturing the culture of Toronto—from covers for Toronto Life to lookbooks for OVO and the Toronto International Film Festival’s annual portrait studio—his connection to his hometown of Bogotá, Colombia is central to who he is. Luis recently received the Edward Burtynsky Photobook Grant, allowing him to publish his first book and photo exhibit Say it with Flowers, a project focused on one of Colombia’s largest flower markets, and the moments of transition that happen within this beautiful space.

We joined Luis at Paloquemao in Bogotá to capture the energy of the market, and discuss how the flower industry mirrors his own experience, and how he hopes to inspire people to reconnect with where they’re from.

Dan LeMoyne
Director / Cinematographer / Editor
Stephanie Hooker