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About Join Apply for Pro
Learn the ins and outs of DIY with Kastor & Pollux
Studio Visits, a new video series by Kastor & Pollux, breaks the doors of the "boys' club" wide open.

Ema Walters is only one of the creative women that makes up the Kastor & Pollux dream team. Based out of Toronto and led by their fearless leader Dani Roche, there’s literally nothing this former fashion blog evolved into full creative agency can’t do. (No, seriously.) Their latest video series Studio Visits is just the next chapter in a visually-stunning story about DIY success. 


As a Creative Producer I do a lot of photo/video work, the latter of which has been a recent thing that I’m still learning. My work has always been more hands on — while I’m still figuring out what my future might look like, I’ve been really interested in pursuing Set Design.

The snag in the plan? I don’t have the experience or skill set for that — yet. As a woman, it can be intimidating to experiment with tools and try to get into something that’s traditionally viewed as more “masculine”. There have been so many times that I’ve needed something built but I’ll have to ask my dad or guy friend to help me out. I don’t like having to rely on someone else to do something; I want to know how. Through “Studio Visits”, I hope to become more confident in my pursuit and encourage others by sharing my learning process along the way!

While the idea stemmed from a chat between Dani Reynolds and I, it’s really inspired by the K&P attitude that you should learn everything you want to. None of us believe the notion of not being able to do something based on gender. We have an encouraging space where we can experiment freely. and this is a way to open that up and share it.

It’s like, “Look how easy this is!! You can do it too!!” You just have to put yourself out there and try.

– Ema Walters

Ema Walters