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Kòktèl: An Idea of Man
Exploring the diversity of masculinity with Vogue-published photographer, Zarita Zevallos.

Zarita Zevallos is a Haitian photographer and architect based in New York. She does portraiture with the idea of reflecting what is going on in specific communities and how that relates to societal trends.

What camera did you shoot on?

ZZ: I used a Canon T3i

What inspired this particular project?

ZZ: Since I started portraiture, I had a list of issues I want to address and masculinity was one of them. At the time, the president of the USA was harassing the community and the senate in Haiti passed a law that made it basically illegal for gays to express their sexuality or receive any help from LGBTQ organizations. I surface these issues because a lot of people mask their hatred for a group of people under some pretence in order to refuse others’ ‘humanity’. In the past, art has changed the world and I intend on doing the same.

Are you purely a photographer or do you have other creative pursuits?

ZZ: I studied architecture actually. I work in a firm. I sometimes do videos and graphic designs as well.

Why did you chose photography over other creative mediums?

ZZ: I grew up with a father who loves photography, I guess it rubbed off on me. Also, as a shy person, I find it so poetic to create something so powerful with people you barely know. A simple connection for a few hours that will probably last forever.

How does your gear help you be a better photographer?

ZZ: My camera is not the newest, nor the type of camera that leading photographers are most likely using, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to use my creativity and not simply let the camera do most of the work. Not having expensive gear made me push myself as an artist to create regal images.

If you could shoot any subject who would it be and why?

  1. Adonis Bosso – His features are so unique. He’s absolutely gorgeous.
  2. Nykhor Paul –  Her story and how she’s an activist and she gives back. I would definitely use her story and passion to feed into my photography.

If you could go anywhere to shoot where would it be and why?

ZZ: Anywhere in the African Continent; It’s the motherland. There’s everything a photographer could hope to capture. Wildlife, deserts, forests, unique lakes, and beautiful people.

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