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Fresh to Depth: A Deep Dive With the New Canon EOS R
A select few were invited to be the firsts to get their hands on the all-new Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera.

In early October, notable photographers from The Creator Class community were handpicked to join us for an intimate dinner experience with two interactive photo installations in celebration of the new Canon EOS R Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera.

They were greeted with an absorbing icebreaker presentation courtesy of Canon Canada, followed by a farm-to-table dinner, and plenty of time to take their new cameras for a spin.

The photographers ranged from editorial photographers, sports photographers, cityscape photographers, wedding photographers, and everything in between. Two interactive installations allowed them to take risks and use all of the various camera settings on the new EOS R. One was a customized indoor “swimming pool” with a professional model and props, another was a “Garden of Eve” inspired wall with tropical plants and flowers.

The following day, the studio was open to the public to test drive the new camera and experience the “Fresh to Depth” installations for themselves.

Jonathan Juman