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Social Storytelling w/ Will Smith Photographer & Videographer Aidan Tanner

6:30pm to 9:30pm
Free Space

68 Claremont Street
3rd Floor

In 2017 Aidan Tanner was an aspiring Toronto filmmaker. He had submitted a short film in high school to the Toronto International Film Festival and completed a few semesters at Ryerson’s Film and TV program, before taking a leave of absence to build his reel as a Director of Photography on music videos, commercials, and short films. That was until he hit send on one cold email.

In December 2017, Will Smith appeared on the Ellen Show to launch his first Instagram account. It was clear Will had intentions to do celebrity social media differently. Aidan saw an opportunity, albeit a far fetched one, so he tracked down the contact info for the Head of Content at Will’s company Westbrook, and the rest is history. Aidan is now one of the official videographers and photographers for Will Smith, traveling the world to locations like Budapest, Moscow, India, Dubai, Cuba, and Japan. He is one of the creative minds behind Will’s viral “In My Feelings” video, shot on top of the famous Chain Bridge that has now been viewed over 19 million times. He also developed the unique “stutter photo” technique which he and Will filmed an Instagram tutorial on and shared to Will’s 34.5 million Instagram followers.

He has since done work with fellow A-list actors like Jessica Chastain, documenting her X-Men: Dark Phoenix press tour. Aidan will stop by The Canon Creator Lab for a talk moderated by director/producer Stephanie Hooker on creating content, traveling, and seizing your opportunity.

Space is limited, so make sure you RSVP!