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“Opening Up” with The Creator Class

6:00 PM


It’s been a minute since you’ve last heard from us. In these times of great uncertainty and change we are reminded that, in the face of great challenge, there is opportunity for growth. Nowhere is that more apparent (and at times, daunting) than in the lives and careers of artists, storytellers and entrepreneurs.

As a timely acknowledgement of this truth, we’re proud to announce Opening Up, an online gathering on vulnerability and acceptance featuring a range of thoughtful creatives spanning disciplines and perspectives.

  • Daniela Andrade – Singer, Songwriter – Daniela got her start as a musician posting video covers of Beyonce, Nirvana and Edith Piaf on YouTube. Nearly 2 million subs later, she’s established herself as an inventive visual storyteller, having recently been awarded the Hi-Fidelity Award from the Prism Prize for her innovative music videos.


  • Jah Grey – Photographer – Jah’s photography focuses on the relationship between body and space, showcasing the struggle between the idealized norm and the desired embodiment. His work is inspired by shared experiences of vulnerability, and has been shown at MOCA, AGO, and Ford Foundation Gallery.


  • Nicolle Hodges – Journalist, Author – Nicolle is the founder of Girls Who Say F*ck, and Men Who Take Baths. She is the author of The Orgasm Book, a reinterpretation of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh The Places You’ll Go”. Nicolle’s work centers around the human experience, upending gender and sexual norms in the process.


  • TiKA – Musician, Filmmaker – TiKA has been a regular fixture as host of The Creator Class events, one of many significant contributions as a space-holder in the black creative community and beyond. A multi-hyphenate artist in her own right, TiKA’s talents range from music, film composition, and most recently music video direction. No matter the project or medium, her work strives to create social change at the core.


  • Chris Unwin – Creative Entrepreneur – Chris is Executive Director of Free Studio, the content studio behind The Creator Class. He combines more than a decade in media and cultural strategy with a heart-centered appreciation for the artist’s way, as exemplified in the studio’s editorial and commercial work.


Opening Up is produced in partnership with Open Wines, who are on a mission to inspire everyone to open up and experience the joy of being accepted for who we really are. We’re grateful to them for their support of this timely conversation.

Participants can expect to come away with inspiring stories of courage and perseverance, tangible tools to incorporate into your practice, and perhaps some newfound perspective on the role that vulnerability can play in our lives, art, and work.

Hit RSVP to register your spot on Eventbrite and we’ll send you a Zoom link prior to the event to join us.