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CCL Presents: SZN w/ Tristan O’Brien, Kayla Rocca & Kishan Mistry

6:30pm to 9:30pm
Free Space

68 Claremont Street
3rd Floor

2019 has been an incredible season of Sessions with some fantastic workshops and themes. So we’re running it back one last time with three of our OG instructors to lead a special edition of our workshop series.

Tristan O’Brien, Kayla Rocca, and Kishan Mistry each have their own unique styles and perspectives that they will use to guide participants through a themed assignment. These group assignments will be presented and discussed at our final Session of the year on Tuesday, November 26th.

Here’s how it works:

RSVP for the November 26th Session (right here!!!)
– You will then be assigned to your group leader at random (Tristan, Kayla or Kishan) in a follow-up email with more instructions. Follow-ups will go out week of November 11th.
– You cannot pick your group leader; part of the assignment is to step out of your comfort zone.
– You will then be invited via email to a 60-minute online Session led by your group leader taking place between November 14th – 19th. In this online Session, your group leader will introduce the theme of the assignment and offer you some perspective, technique, tips, and gear insights along with a general Q&A.
– You will shoot your assignment and submit your final images to an online folder that will be provided to you via email.
– Deadline for submissions will be Saturday, November 23rd.
– Your group leader will present work from the group assignment folder and discuss the images during the Tuesday November 26th Session.

The November 26th Session:

This Session starts at 6:30pm sharp. We’ll begin with a roundtable discussion with Tristan, Kayla, and Kishan about their year of Sessions and what they have learned from our community and what advice they have for visual storytellers looking to take the next step.

We’ll then move into the presentation of assignments by the group leaders with a dynamic discussion of theme, technique, composition, and gear selection.

After that, we’ll wrap-up the SZN with a little holiday party and thank you to our amazing community that has made this year so special.


I can only attend the online session, is that okay?
Yes, it’s okay if you can only attend the online, however we obviously want you there on the 26th.

I can only attend the live Session on the 26th, is that okay?
Yes, but do your best to join the online Session as it will be valuable.

I can only make the party, is that okay?
Well, we’d love you to be part of it all, but we understand, parties are great. Just make sure to register anyway.

Do I have to submit an assignment to participate in either the online or live Session?
No, you can simply be an observer and learn from the leaders and students.

Do I have to shoot on a Canon camera to participate?
No, you are free to shoot on anything you’d like for the assignment.

Can I submit my work in any way other than the online folder provided, like a USB key or We Transfer directly to the instructor?
Unfortunately not, we need to keep the process efficient for all. Once you get your link to upload files, that will be the one and only way to submit.

Will my image definitely be presented by the group leader?
We’ll do the best to share as much as possible, but there is a chance your image may not be presented given the time available. Selections will depend on how the work best expresses the goals of the assignment, theme selection, and image quality.

Who owns the images once they are submitted?
You do. We will not use the images for any commercial purpose, other than potentially sharing the work on our social media channels with full credit to the creator.

How many images can I submit? Up to 5 selects.
What resolution, size and format should the files be? 100-300 dpi, 5-20mb, jpeg or tiff. No Raw files, PDFs please.

Can I borrow a Canon camera for the assignment?
Unfortunately we are not set-up for that, however if you want to try any Canon camera, please come to Pre-Sesh before each Session. Details below.

Group Leader Bios:

Tristan O’Brien was born and raised in Toronto and his creative vision is shaped by his hometown nostalgia and passion for sharing the stories—or “fragments” as he refers to them—that unfold around him. Tristan’s pursuit of capturing these fleeting moments has driven his passion behind the lens and led to an impressive client list including Canon, Nike, Jordan, Disney, Toronto Raptors, Uniqlo, Johnnie Walker, Adidas, Roots Canada, Hypebeast, Heineken, Nordstrom, Red Bull, Best Buy, Ray-Ban, Tourism Canada and many more.

Kayla Rocca has worked her way up the hard way and has hustled to build a successful career through photography and video. Her wealth of knowledge and experience spans publications like Vogue, Toronto Life, FASHION Magazine, Azure Magazine, The Globe and Mail, CBC, E-Talk Canada and more. Clients include Tokyo Smoke, The Drake Hotel, The Broadview Hotel, The Hollywood Reporter, The Soho House, Kit & Ace, Urban Outfitters, Anthony Rose: Rose & Sons, Moose Knuckle, Art Canada Institute, The National Ballet of Canada, Lincoln, Momofuko and more.

Kishan Mistry was right there alongside the Toronto Raptors on their journey to becoming the 2019 NBA Champions. As a sports news photographer for Yahoo Sports Canada, Kishan has captured some of the biggest moments of the Raptors title run and his iconic images of Kawhi’s buzzer-beating shot against the Sixers, and his shot of a roaring Fred Van Vleet in the finals have not only gone viral, but have also been turned into murals, t-shirts, and even tattoos.


Want to try out the latest Canon DSLR and Mirrorless bodies and lenses? Join us for Pre-Sesh at 5:30pm before the Session. An educator will be on hand to help you try innovative new gear from Canon, including their brand new EOSR and EOSRP bodies RF lenses. If you’d like to borrow a Canon Camera to shoot in our Studio, please bring your own SD Card and a valid piece of government ID.