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Canon Creator Lab Presents: The Recipe w/ Dennis Prescott

6:30pm to 9:30pm
Free Space

68 Claremont Street
3rd Floor

Dennis Prescott never planned to be a chef. It was only after two years of touring with his band and sleeping on air mattresses before he picked up his first cookbook from the Nashville public library and started a journey that pivoted his whole career.

Today, as a self-taught photographer and food stylist, the Moncton-based chef has over half a million people following his culinary adventures on Instagram, cooks alongside award-winning chefs from around the world, and released his first cookbook in 2017.

Dennis’ passion for community and culture has lead to unique opportunities with the UN World Food Programme and World Vision, working on issues surrounding food sustainability, access, systems, and shared culture. Prescott understands that food is universal and wants to dig into the impact of our food, from a cultural, socioeconomic, and environmental perspective. Ultimately, the driving passion behind Dennis’ work is to bring people together around the table as, in his own words, “the more time we spend at the table, well, that’s where real life happens.”

Dennis will be joining us in Toronto for a special two-part event. First, this event at the Canon Creator Lab at Free Space on Thursday, November 21 where Dennis will participate in a moderated discussion and audience Q&A on food, photography, and lessons from the road.

Then, on Sunday, November 24 Dennis will be leading an off-site 3-hours hands-on workshop at Dish Cooking Studio where he will be cooking a meal and showing us how he plates, styles, and photographs his food.

You’re welcome to come to one event or both. See you there!