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Canon Creator Lab Presents: The Atlas of Beauty w/ Mihaela Noroc

6:30pm to 9:30pm
Free Space

68 Claremont Street
3rd Floor

Mihaela Noroc discovered her love of photography at an early age and was eager to turn her passion into a thriving career. Like many other creatives, her ambition was met with skepticism from those around her, including her university professors. Discouraged, Noroc set her photography ambitions aside but the passion never died.

In 2013, at 27 years old, Noroc decided to quit her job and pack up her life in Romania to pursue photography, travel to new places, and start a project that would later become The Atlas of Beauty. Originally funded from her personal savings, The Atlas of Beauty is a collection of portraits celebrating women from all corners of the world, showing us that beauty is everywhere regardless of race, money, or social status.

Noroc has since traveled to every continent but Antarctica, from remote areas like the Tibetan Plateau, Mongolian desert, the Amazon Rainforest, to isolated nations like North Korea, and Afghanistan, to bustling diverse global cities like London, New York, and Beijing. Each of Noroc’s portraits tells a unique story and captures a rare glimpse into the daily experience of women around the globe, from female firefighters in Mexico to a Syrian mother and her daughters escaping violence as refugees in the Idomeni Refugee Camp in Greece.

Mihaela will be stopping by The Canon Creator Lab to participate in a moderated discussion about her journey.