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Canon Creator Lab Presents: Street Vision w/ Jayscale

6:30pm to 9:30pm
Free Space

68 Claremont Street
3rd Floor

The Journey w/ Jayscale : A 4-part workshop series focusing on documentary photography projects

Better known to his followers as @Jayscale, Jamal Burger has always let his curiosity lead the way. His early success on Instagram posting pictures from his phone helped him build a massive following. But his leap forward came when the owner of Livestock Toronto bought him a Canon 5Diii with a 70-200 lens in exchange for Jamal selling sneakers for a year.

Since those early days, Jamal has gone on to work with iconic brands like the Toronto Raptors, Nike, and Gatorade while finding time to give back through charity work with projects like the Kickback and Giants of Africa.

The goal of his four-part Sessions series is to see established, mid-level, and up-and-coming photographers further develop an understanding of themselves and their craft.

Each Session will focus on a particular aspect of street photography for personal, commercial, or editorial projects. Jamal will lead the group through a curriculum he has developed rooted in his path to becoming one of the most prolific street photographers working today. Participants are welcome to pick and choose which workshop to attend, but attending all four Sessions is recommended to maximize community and impact. You must RSVP to each Session individually. See descriptions of each part in the series below.

Part I: Street Vision, July 2: A photography workshop exploring documentary projects and how to start your own.

In Session 1 of 4, Jamal will take the group through a historic journey of street photography and discuss the influences and genres of some of his heroes. He’ll then dive into some exercises to help us understand our relationship to the camera as the ultimate vision tool and how to apply skill and style to our own photographic projects.

Session begins at 6:30pm sharp in the Canon Creator Lab at Free Space.

Want to try out new gear at Pre-Sesh?

Want to try out the latest Canon DSLR and Mirrorless bodies and lenses? Join us for Pre-Sesh at 5:30pm before the Session. An educator will be on hand to help you try innovative new gear from Canon, including their brand new EOSR and EOSRP bodies RF lenses. If you’d like to borrow a Canon Camera to shoot in our Studio, please bring your own SD Card and a valid piece of government ID.

Please RSVP to each of the other Session individually

Part II: Expose Yourself, July 9: A photography workshop focused on deep understanding of camera technique and how it can help to reveal your true vision.

What we see is not always what we get. It’s one thing to have a vision and to understand composition, but getting it out on the screen or page is a whole other game. Many great photos die because we don’t understand how to get the right light. This workshop will focus on technique as a means to composition and personal style and how they impact our photographic projects. Click here to register.

Part III: Viewfinder, July 16: A photography portfolio review focused on improving composition, technique, and moving past negative self-talk.

Session 3 of 4 will take us deeper into our projects through a peer-based discussion of worked shared by participants. Jamal will steer us through principles and techniques that help develop the vision without the mental stress that typically comes with group and self-critique. Click here to register.

Part IV: Selector, July 23: A photographic workshop exploring image editing, selection, and project curation.

The final session of the series is about fitting all the pieces together. Communication both between images and within them, across pages and print sizes, all affect how we communicate the idea we had when pressing the shutter. Making selects is one of the most important components of photography. We’ll learn how to distinguish between two relatively similar images and understanding how layouts contribute to the message being communicated between photographer and viewer. Click here to register.