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Canon Creator Lab Presents: Dish w/ Dennis Prescott

11:00 AM to 2:00PM
Dish Cooking Studio

587 College Street

Food is a universal human experience. It is integral to some of our earliest, most vivid, and favourite memories in our daily lives. There is an innate communal desire to share when it comes to food, whether at a table or through images, food brings people together. It’s no coincidence then that food photography has become one of the most popular, widely practiced, and shared types of photography.

Dennis Prescott is a self-taught photographer and food stylist. He picked up his first cookbook in 2012 and like many of us, shared a photo of it on Instagram. Today, the Moncton-based chef has over half a million people following his culinary adventures on Instagram. He cooks alongside award-winning chefs from around the world and released his first cookbook in 2017.

Dennis will be joining us in Toronto for a special two-part event. First, at the Canon Creator Lab at Free Space on November 21 for a moderated discussion on food, photography, and lessons from the road (RSVP to that one here) . Then, this practical workshop on Sunday, November 24 at Dish Cooking Studio (RSVP for the workshop on this page).

This 3-hour hands-on workshop will see Dennis share how he tells stories through his food and photography. Dennis will prepare a meal and show us how he plates, styles, and photographs his food. This Session will include a demonstration and practical component where participants will be able to practice shooting Dennis’ plated dishes.

Note that this Session begins 11am sharp at Dish Cooking Studio.

Want to use or try out new gear at the Session?

Interested in using Canon DSLR and Mirrorless bodies and lenses? We will have several cameras on hand to try out during the Session. An educator will be on hand to help you try innovative new gear from Canon, including their brand new EOSR and EOSRP bodies RF lenses. If you’d like to borrow a Canon Camera to shoot in our Studio, please bring your own SD Card and a valid piece of government ID.


Do I have to be a Canon camera shooter to attend?
No, anyone who loves photography is welcome regardless of brand.

I don’t have a camera, can I borrow one to shoot the practical assignment?Yes, we have Canon SLRs and Mirrorless Cameras to lend out during the Session. Please bring a valid Driver’s License or Passport, which we will hold and return once the camera is returned at the end of the Session.

Can I borrow an SD card for my Camera or loaner camera?
Unfortunately, we don’t have SD cards to lend out.

Do I have to come to both events?
No, you’re welcome to come to either event depending on your availability. But we’d obviously love to see you at both.