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Canon Creator Lab presents: Black Soap w/ Raheim Simon

6:30pm to 8:30pm
Free Space

68 Claremont Street
3rd Floor

Raheim Simon is a NYC-based photographer. Born and raised in the Bronx, Simon’s life and work has been shaped and influenced by the environment and community he grew up in. Originally trained as a Graphic Designer, he found himself working in a hotel after being laid off from his graphic design job at a declining New York magazine. However, his life soon changed when we discovered a new passion for photography, and a newly launched photo sharing app called Instagram.

A self-taught photographer, today he is publicly recognized as ‘Black Soap’ a name that best describes his unique photography style: dark but clean images. His aesthetic brings together the grit of Bronx streets and bodegas, and the heart of hip hop, community, and urban exploration.

Simon now travels the world on creative projects — bringing his hometown with him through his photography. He has worked with American Express, Honda, Nike, Verizon, Adult Swim, and the Tribeca Film Festival.

Raheim Simon will participate in a moderated discussion with Toronto-based Director and Producer Sasha Henry, focused on his journey into photography, how he’s leveled up as a professional, and how our environment geographically and socially, informs our work.