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Counting down the top 6 with The.97
When your crew includes Roy Wood$, Derek Wise, and Ram Riddlz, it can be hard to pick a favourite photo — so Dragan Andic picked six.

My name is Dragan Andic — some of you may know me as The.97 on Instagram.

About 3 years ago I was given a blessing and a curse. I was about to embark on a professional soccer career in Italy, when unfortunately I suffered a traumatic knee injury to my ACL that I have still not mentally recovered from. After the injury, I knew my knee, and my life, would never be the same. I was extremely frustrated and depressed. However, with every dark moment that we are faced with in life, there is always a silver lining.

That same year I picked up a camera and started shooting. I was in grade 12 at the time and everyday after school I would travel downtown to roam the city, and take landscape shots. At first I was all over the the place; I didn’t really have my own style. Over time I realized landscape photography wasn’t for me, and I slowly started transitioning into portraits. My one true desire was to mix my passion for photography with my love for TO’s music scene.

The more I shot, the more I fell in love with the art. I am passionate about what I do and I want to inspire people to chase their dreams because we have one life and it should be spent doing the things we love most.

dragan andic the creator class

Picture #1: Roy Wood$ ‘Go Go Go’ 

This is definitely one of my favourite portraits I’ve ever shot. Roy is one of my favourite artists to work with, and together we have made some great visual work over the past few years. Him and his team are very down to earth and definitely some of the coolest guys in the city — shoutout to the whole UTU gang.

This photo was a behind the scenes shot from his most recent music video ‘Go Go Go‘, taken with a Canon 5D Mark III.



Picture #2: Ram Riddlz performing ‘Hey Mr.RamRod’ at Echo Beach

Concert photography is something I really enjoy mainly because of my love for music. This photo is of my good friend Ram Riddlz performing at last summer’s throwback bash at Echo Beach. Ram is a great guy to work with because we both have the same work ethic and energy — we build off each other and are very open to each other’s ideas.

This photo stands out to me because I love when I can capture my subject in the dead centre of the photograph. If you notice something about the majority of my portraits it’s that all my subjects are in the middle of the frame because I feel it really draws attention to the detail of the subject.


dragan andic the creator class

Picture #3: Paris in Black And White
I wasn’t going to include a landscape photograph, but this one stood out to me because of all the detail it has to offer. I shot this with my Canon 5D Mark III and a 24-70 F 2.4L II lens, which I strongly recommend all landscape shooters to try out. I love this photo because it was taken in one of my favourite cities and in every inch of the frame you have something to look at.


dragan andic the creator class

Picture #4: My friend Chantelle
This is a portrait of my good friend Chantelle. She is one of my favourite people to shoot because of all the positive energy she has. I love this shot because it is very candid and natural, and that’s really my favourite kind of portrait, when you catch your subject in a natural pose that you can’t re-create.


dragan andic the creator class
dragan andic the creator class

Picture #5: Derek Wise – Los Angeles
This photo is of my bro Derek Wise. Derek and I have been working together for about 2 years now; he’s someone who inspires me to keep pushing myself to become better and keep chasing my passion. I admire his work ethic because he grinds hard and it shows in the amazing quality of music he puts out.

This photo was taken in Los Angeles and it stands out to me because both of us are from Toronto so it was cool to shoot in a new setting which gave the photo a different kind of vibe than we’d have back home. His debut album ‘Inglorious‘ released on January 30th and I was very blessed to have shot the album cover for him.


dragan andic the creator class

Picture #6: Roy Wood$ – East Room Photoshoot
This is my favourite picture I’ve ever taken. Everything about it stands out to me. From the setting, to Roy’s positioning, everything falls into place perfectly. This photoshoot was my favourite because there was a lot of planning behind it and we executed it perfectly. We shot these photos before Roy’s Waking At Dawn project came out so it was a great time for all of us to be growing and collaborating together.

Dragan Andic