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About Join
Born into a family of photographers, Zachary Hertzman's advice is simple: everything is photo-worthy. It's up to you to bring it out.
VIDEO 2:29
Work the light. Better yet, find out how to make it work for you.
VIDEO 1:54
Timothy McGurr, aka 13th Witness, shares the how to's behind one of his signature shots.
VIDEO 2:22
For photographer Bianca Scarlato, shooting comes naturally. After all, it's what brings her group of friends together.
VIDEO 2:31
Great shots are ones you don't expect - the best shots are ones you prepare for.
VIDEO 2:47
Paolo Azarraga never planned to become a photographer — now the rest is history.
VIDEO 3:08
For lifestyle photographer Renée Rodenkirchen, the job is all about catching someone in their realest moments.
VIDEO 2:02
Born and raised in Toronto, photographer Quincy Williams takes the art of street basketball to a higher level completely.