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About Join
Our crew was there to capture the 11th annual arts and music festival in Toronto.
On June 9, we hosted our first photo exhibit east of Toronto. Take a look.
The Toronto photographer debuted her thought-provoking series "Submerged" at Free Space on May 4th.
Canadian apparel brand Peace Collective teamed up with Canon Canada to celebrate their latest Blue Jays collab with a gallery exhibit at Free.
VIDEO 0:26
Join us at our Toronto HQ for a first look at the new Blue Jays' capsule collection.
VIDEO 40:36
Self-titled bruja, tomboy, and urban feminist Princess Nokia joined Thank You Kindly for a talk hosted at Free Space.
VIDEO 3:32
The name of the game has changed. Don't wait for your foot in the door moment — rush in and make it for yourself.
On November 3rd, Virgil Abloh and Fabien Montique joined The Creator Class for a live panel discussion followed by a photo exhibition.