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Canon Creator Lab is a platform for a new generation of visual storytellers, providing the tools, education, and opportunity to share their passions for a living.


Thanks to a progressive studio incubator partnership, Canon Creator Lab provides select photographers, filmmakers, and cultural leaders with the resources, support, and space to bring their projects to fruition.

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The Canadian photographer finds joy in the obscure Spanish sport of jai alai
November 6, 2017
On nailing the balance between nomadic travel photographer and business owner.
October 13, 2017
Featuring pro skaters Zered Bassett, Jake Johnson, Brian Delatorre and Eli Reed
This episode of Stories follows Zahra Saleki's photography project 'This Storm is You'. The project is an interpretation of Zahra's immigration story told through images of dance.
The "Sunny 16 Rule" lets you correct exposures without using a light meter. Arden Wray shows us how.
We all selfie, but there's a strong disconnect between most professional photographers and their own image.
Exploring the diversity of masculinity with Vogue-published photographer, Zarita Zevallos.
September 5, 2017
Why edit your photos in B&W when you can shoot in B&W with a quick switch to Monochrome? Vanessa Heins shows us how it's done in "Shades of Grey." Take note.
VIDEO 1:05
Maria Jose Govea tells us how to capture fireworks at night, so they aren’t just blurry photos of light bursts in the sky.
Bryan Chong toasts Jazz Cartier's new track, "Nobody's Watching" with select shots from the Secret Garden tour.
VIDEO 1:05
It's music festival season and photographer, Sean Lawrence shows us how to capture your favourite artists from various angles while in the crowd.