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Canon Creator Lab is a platform for a new generation of visual storytellers, providing the tools, education, and opportunity to share their passions for a living.


Thanks to a progressive studio incubator partnership, Canon Creator Lab provides select photographers, filmmakers, and cultural leaders with the resources, support, and space to bring their projects to fruition.

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VIDEO 1:00
Kick. Push. Coast. Shoot. Land the perfect in-motion shot, one grind at a time.
VIDEO 1:00
In photography, lighting is everything. Here's how to make it work for you.
On June 9, we hosted our first photo exhibit east of Toronto. Take a look.
VIDEO 0:55
Making a masterpiece is as easy as changing your depth of field.
VIDEO 0:55
Keep your eye on the prize — and your light sources out of focus. Learn the ins and outs of bokeh.
VIDEO 7:16
A trip is never just a trip—it's a journey, a state of mind, a chance to make connections with everyone you meet.
VIDEO 1:10
This TCC episode on double exposure will make you do a double take — but you'll only need to shoot once.
VIDEO 1:00
Let the background fade away — it all comes down to the details in our latest Sessions episode.
The Toronto photographer debuted her thought-provoking series "Submerged" at Free Space on May 4th.
Renée Rodenkirchen on her latest photo series, Submerged, and the intersection between creativity and mental health.
VIDEO 6:57
Follow Bianca Scarlato BTS of Peace Collective's latest SS17 lookbook for their official Off Field capsule collection.
Canadian apparel brand Peace Collective teamed up with Canon Canada to celebrate their latest Blue Jays collab with a gallery exhibit at Free.