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Back to the Roots ft. Thirmizi Samsoodeen
Toronto Native Thirmizi Samsoodeen heads back to Sri Lanka & Malaysia to connect with his family.

Thirmizi Samsoodeen is an urban, portrait, and travel photographer who specializes in content creating. When he’s not creating and exploring, he’s working a 9 to whenever as an account manager at a digital marketing agency in Toronto.

What camera did you shoot on?

TS: I shot this project on my Canon 6D.

What inspired this particular project?

TS: Well, I’m a Sri Lankan and Malaysian mix and when I found out I’ll be visiting both countries with my family, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to explore and create. Super glad that I did, I haven’t been to either country since I was a kid and a lot has changed.

Are you purely a photographer or do you have other creative pursuits?

TS: I am a photographer, but I love creating content for brands through social media. It just so happens that Instagram lets you do that through the use of pictures, so it works well for me.

Why did you chose photography over other creative mediums?

TS: Ever since I was a kid I’ve been able to travel and have made fond memories from the places I’ve visited. My mom created photo albums of all the places we’ve visited, and I used to go through these albums and reminisce. I love Photography because it lets me capture beautiful memories that can last a lifetime, something I learned as a kid and can really appreciate now.

How does your gear help you be a better photographer?

TS: The different kind of lenses I use really help me understand focal length and framing. Through experience, I am able to quickly assess situations where I need to take the shot that I want, given the situation that I’m in.

If you could shoot any subject who would it be and why?

TS: I know people will make fun of me for this but definitely Drake haha. As far as artists go, the dude’s a genius. To be able to capture him in his element before he retires from music is something I need to do.

If you could go anywhere to shoot where would it be and why?

TS: The top 3 places for me right now on my bucket list to explore and shoot are Turkey, Jordan, and Japan. All three places have so much culture behind them and to be able to explore this culture and capture this beauty is something that I hope to do sooner than later.

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