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About Canon Join Now
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The Creator Class is a development program for the next storytellers, entrepreneurs and producers.

TCC first launched in November 2014 by Free Studio, a content studio enabling creators and companies to create, learn, and grow together through social, digital, experiential cultural productions.

The collaborative social project intended to shine a light on a global shift in visual storytelling, enabling creatives to turn their passions into a lifestyle and a living. TCC has since catalyzed millions of contributions on Instagram, brought together thousands at an array of events, and produced dozens of short films on YouTube and Vimeo. Our projects have taken us around the world from Toronto to Tofino, Brooklyn to Portugal, Art Basel to the Swiss Alps. And it doesn’t stop there – there are always new photo, video and experiential projects being announced on our site and socials.

The Creator Class membership is our way of meeting and collaborating with the global creative community, sparking new ideas and relationships that inform Free’s studio work. Members can get involved in:

We encourage storytellers, entrepreneurs, and producers of all skill levels to register for membership to stay up to date, attend exclusive events, and learn about new productions and projects posted on the site.

As the creator movement matures, so too do the needs of those who lead it. That said, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback at hello@thisisfr.ee


Looking forward,

Chris Unwin
Founder, Executive Director

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