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PREMIERE: Aron D’Alesio – ‘Diamond Ring’
What happens when The Creator Class community comes together to make a music video? Something very special.

It’s not unusual for us here at The Creator Class to shoot videos about creatives doing cool things – that is, in a large part, what we’re known for. It is uncommon, however, for us to pick some talented minds and get them to shoot a music video with the help of the Canon Creator Lab- which is exactly why we’re excited to premiere a stunning new video for ‘Diamond Ring’ by Hamilton-based artist Aron D’Alesio today.

D’Alesio, who is launching his solo career on August 25 with the release of his debut, self-titled album, describes his sound as being “rough around the edges,” with raspy, gritty vocals, and a low-fi haze that wisps over the track. After all, D’Alesio produced the entire project on his own: from the instruments and vocals, to the recording and mixing process, everything was handled in-house.

D’Alesio says that, while he had no particular idea for how the video for his ‘Diamond Ring’ single would play out, he wanted it to feel simple and authentic. When it comes to visualizing his art, D’Alesio says he isn’t a control-freak, but rather enjoys letting the reigns go for someone else to apply their own vision of his sound.

“I was waiting for a UFO to come down somewhere in the video. It’s kind of spooky and unnerving,” D’Alesio said, noting that he was thrilled to see how “left-field” the music video went in terms of art direction and plot. “I’m always fascinated to see how [other creatives] interpret music. I’m not a video guy, so I just put my faith in others, and it pays off. I was really happy with this.”

Set in a cold, rural town that looks like it could easily stand in as the backdrop of a Twin Peaks remake, Diamond Ring takes the concept of the song – which D’Alesio says was based off a tangled romantic situation between someone who is married, and someone who isn’t – and inverts it into an abstract tale of loneliness and longing.

According to D’Alesio, at the time of writing the song, the lyrics didn’t specifically relate to his life. After the song was produced, however, the situation he wrote about “somehow manifested itself” into reality.

“It’s kind of weird, but I guess that’s just how life works.”

The music video for ‘Diamonds Ring’ was shot entirely on a Canon C700 Cinema Camera, and was directed and produced by TCC members Justin Singer and Zach Hertzman respectively. You can see the full length video at the link above, and you can find more of Aron’s music here.


Aron D’Alesio. Photo courtesy of artist.
Aron D’Alesio
Justin Singer
Zachary Hertzman
Simon Mohos
Hannah Burley
Production Manager
Scott Watson
First Assistant Camera
Joanne Jin
Malcolm McKenzie
Art Director
Andre Johnson
Lead Actor
Anne Shephard
Supporting Actress