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Open For Submission
In search of new views we're calling on our community of Creators to show us their top underrated shot spots in their cities.
September 22, 2016
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Tyler Hayward has enough skills to fill a book. In this case, that book is Toronto designer Mary Young's latest lookbook.
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Move through time and space and a kaleidoscope of color with photographer/artist Monica Moraru.
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By way of Director Eva Michon, we watch the duo do what they do best — and that's a long list.
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As Bedouin frontman Jay Malinowski puts it: “You already know what you know… but the beauty of creating, especially when you’re collaborating is you learn something that you thought you didn’t know."
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In the beginning there was Colorado, and snow, and a dream of working at 7/11. How did the photo legend get where he is today?
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The magic of film photography can’t be beat. On the other hand — digital photography achieves things that analogue can’t touch. The way Atiba Jefferson sees it? Watch and find out.
VIDEO 1:37
Through the viewfinder of Toronto’s very own, the city’s most iconic landmarks get a fresh perspective.
VIDEO 2:28
In this episode we join Jefferson in the gallery at FREE Space as he deconstructs the curation process behind his latest exhibition.
VIDEO 4:30
In collaboration with friend and filmmaker Rupert Walker, Semenuk finds artistic expression on the long and winding dirt road to success.
VIDEO 1:50
With her toolkit on hand, she walked us through a crash course in fashion photography. The major key: avoid being overly produced.
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Leading up to the release of his 2016 album which dropped June 24, we invited Tiber into the FREE space for an exclusive sound set. Naturally, as someone who is always thinking visually when writing music, the set was accompanied by a gallery experience.
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Worlds collide when FREE — the studio behind #TheCreatorClass — commissions TCC Member Ben Johnston to create a sign for their new space.
VIDEO 4:50
You already know that two heads are better. But what happens when you put two and two together?
Open For Submission
No matter where your inspiration takes you, the Creator Class can help you tell your story.
January 1, 2016
Same movement, brand new look and feel. Take a look at how far we've come, and where we're headed next — and don't be afraid to join in.
Open For Submission
With over 2 million contributors and growing, find out how to get your work featured on #TheCreatorClass.
January 1, 2016
VIDEO 2:42
Learn everything you need to know about shooting modes + watch @josefadamu throw down some ping pong tricks while you're at it.
VIDEO 2:01
We help you sift through all that you thought you knew about UV, polarizing and neutral density filters.