• Never Work ft. Atiba Jefferson

    A #TCC Member Exhibition

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  • Along for the Ride with Brandon Semenuk

    Deep in the woods, beyond the rules and regulations of conventional racing, Brandon Semenuk constructs his own courses to ride freely & creatively.

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  • A Soundtrack to a Moment ft. River Tiber

    "I’m always thinking visually when I’m writing music”

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  • POW! WOW! PORTRAIT ft. @the_hula & @jatecson

    Like summer camp for Artists

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  • A Collaborative Effort ft. @dailynewsproject

    Teamwork on teamwork on teamwork: BTS with @dailynewsprojects latest lookbook

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  • ORIGINALS: Constantly Evolving with @itsmaryyoung

    Steady making moves set to the hum of her sewing machine, Mary’s set her sights on changing fashion standards for women. Seeking inspiration for her A/W lookbook, the Toronto-based designer returns to her country roots as we tag along on and take notes.

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  • ORIGINALS: shy kids (no capitals, no "the", all lower case)

    While one day they're animators, the next videographers, musicians, cinematographers- one things remains. They’ll forever be a package deal. The multi-media masterminds & musical trio behind Toronto band shy kids speak to their punk-rock-like approach to creating.

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  • Go & Get It with WondaGurl, ft. DJ P-Plus

    Don’t believe the hype- this story has nothing to do with luck. What all started with the Casio Keyboard at age nine, the rise of Ebony Oshunrinde aka Wondagurl is all pure hustle and hard work. Joined by industry veteran Shawn Pinnock aka DJ P-Plus, the two talk making beats and making it happen.

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  • Fast Feet, High Heat ft. Preety Mudhar with Chuck Ortiz

    For Preety Mudhar- Pastry Chef and Co-Captain of Parkdale Roadrunners- training for a marathon is no different than training to be a leader in the kitchen.

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CHEAT SHEET: Shooting Modes

When you’re steady making moves what shooting mode should you use? When you’re tryna be low key, what speed should your came be? Learn everything you need to know about shooting modes

  • CHEAT SHEET: Frame Rate

    Grand slam or nah- you gotta know your frame rate if you want to ace your shot. Measured in frames per second (fps), frame rate affects how movement and motion blur appear on camera. For cinematic vibes 24fps is your best bet. When filming sports 60fps is meant for making moves. Backhand smash or twist serve, even the slightest topspin won’t get past you. Fast like Rafael Nadal ~ can’t touch this.


    Don't like the noise? Then it's high time to go against the grain. Stay mellow yellow in all lighting situations - bright or dark by adjusting your ISO. Working together with aperture and shutter speed, getting that perfect exposure is as easy as counting to 22 inches.


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